What is a Typical Trip Like?

Day 1: We meet at the Grand Caverns Motel the evening before we hike down. Gather our gear, gather a cocktail and gather our wit for the adventure. Visit gccaverns.com to see optional side trip into the caverns....

caverns motel

Day 2:  Up O'Dark early for a continental breakfast before our 75 minute drive to the hilltop parking lot. Pile our gear for the pack mules to bring down and start our descent. We will make a stop in the Supai village (8 miles from hilltop) where you can get yourself a much deserved ice cream, indian fry bread or mail a post card from one of two post offices in the country that still use horses to carry the mail out. After the village we still have another 2 miles of hiking but the last mile will take your breath away. Once we arrive in our established camp, you can kick your shoes off and soak your feet in the healing waters of the Havasu creek, take a nap, or enjoy refreshments.

grand canyon

Day 3: Optional 8 mile, scenic roundtrip to Beaver Falls. Starting with a 200' Mooney Falls descent off a side of a cliff using pylons, chains, travertine tunnels and shear determination. After which we will traverse the creek and climb waterfalls to find secret grottos, ghost canyons, paintings, giant grape vines and big horn sheep. We will have lunch at Beaver Falls where we will swim, relax and if you choose ... jump off waterfalls.

grape vines on big beaver falls hike
beaver falls

Day 4: R&R Day. This is the day before we hike out of the canyon. You can spend your time reading a good book or playing in, under and behind multiple waterfalls of your choice.

relaxing at camp
upper navajo falls

The Hike Out!!!  We will grab our coffee-to-go along with our already prepared breakfast and lunch and get another O'dark early start for our hike out. Those who care to helicopter will be taken to the helicopter waiting area in the village.


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  1. Carefree! All we had to do was get there and carry the weight of our own bodies and needs for the hike in and out, everything, and I mean EVERYTHING else was taken care of

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