Simply Supai Owner, Teresa Meisenbach
Simply Supai Owner, Teresa Meisenbach

Our Approach

We take small groups of 8-10 family, friends and co-workers who want to be challenged, empowered and bond together through the adventure of this trip.

My Story

After retiring from 31+ years as a firefighter, I moved back home to Arizona to rediscover my roots. Hiking and backpacking were a big part of my plan- however the years of service and resulting injuries prevented me from being able to carry heavy packs long distances. It was by fate that I was invited to a trip to Havasupai with a friend who said, "all you have to do is carry your water and some snacks, the horses take everything else!" Who could pass that up?! One trip was all it took for me to fall in love with this magical place. I started to assist in guided trips, learning the nuances and secrets the Havasu canyon and its people have to offer. Now my passion has become your opportunity to experience the same magical, mysterious, and wonderful adventure that is Havasupai.

Meet the Team

Everyone on my team volunteers because of their love for this special place. Working with them is such a Blessing.  As a guest, you will experience their passion as well.



Assistant Guide

Rudy is an experienced life long hiker both personally and professionally. Beginning at a young age in the Scouts learning all of the essential outdoor skills in land navigation and thriving with the natural environment. With multiple trips the Havasu Canyon, a trek along the Inca Trail to Machu Picchu, The Himalayan Annapurna Valley, Mount Kilimanjaro and many more climbs have adapted Rudy to be an invaluable asset on our hikes. Having spent six years enlisted in the Marine Corps infantry on multiple continents and endless training, Rudy has the stamina and experience to insure every group will have a safe and fun experience.

Did I mention he is a masseuse??





Patty & Ed Harting

Assistant Guides

Patty is my sister and Ed is my brother-in-law and a retired Fire Captain. Volunteering for Habitat for Humanity, they have traveled the world. Both have been the "wind beneath my wings". Their love for adventure and the outdoors is expressed in the way they help me with my business. Patty helps guide while Ed is the behind the scenes guy. Great people....


Christine Thomas

Owner of Yoga Breeze Healing and Wellness Center

Christine is another sister. One of my first trips to Havasupai as an assistant guide was for for her annual Yoga Retreat. Through her Yoga Retreats, we all get to experience a different level of consciousness and awareness through meditation and yoga.


So are you interested.......

Gather your group, pick a Spring or Fall time frame you are available for a trip and contact us....